Kedvence mini, közép vagy óriás, de tudásszintje problémás!

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Fegyelmezetlen, gyáva, utcán, kialításon, no meg a nyaraláson, rakoncátlan pára.

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Ez esetben várja Önt a Strázsa! Mentett kutya vagy pedigrés? A Strázsa kutyaiskolában csak a tudás a tét!

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I am Tekla Petneházi and see my life trough by dogs since I was born.The Strázsa Dog School
was founded by my father Sándor Petneházi in 1978.  We have achieved significant success not only with our own dogs, but also our disciples. I am one of the lucky people whose hobby has become their vocation, a
my profession is my life and my life is DOGS! I deal with all dogs with great experience, good sense and open heart! Love is mutual and this is the great gift of life!

The Strázsa Dog School and Pension is located in the center of Budapest.

Dogschool Budapest

Our dog school offers a variety of activities and a wide range of services. Group
canine door group dog school can be started from the age of 3-4 months, but we also deal with older dogs.
At an individual dog school, we only deal with your pet until the training reaches the
group sessions.
And in a boarding school for dogs, we deal with your pet for 35 days.
In all three types of dog school, the "curriculum" includes invitability, staying still, movig footside; and indifference to both human and other dogs. This
the latter is extremely important as we spend most of our lives in a non-depressed environment.
We perform the above tasks in different locations, order and shapes, and with many player tasks,
obstacles, contributions, and denial of food and noise.

If you are busy, or just to keep your dog from spending the days alone while you are working, you may request a dog walking, dog daycare or even a boarding house service.